Zuzanna Antczak

Project 1: Falconry Outpost

The scheme for my Falconry Outpost building is located near Ringinglow, just outside Sheffield in the direction of the Peak District, in the perviously rural area. The building offers a shelter for a group of falconers visiting the place to practice falconry. There is no overnight accommodation for people.

My proposal responds to the threshold between the density of the wild growing trees at the back of the site and the openness of fields, which the building faces. This threshold may be experienced  through many views out towards the trees and the vast fields to be constantly in contact with nature and keep an eye on the birds. Another threshold is between public path and private areas for training birds.

I decided on a traditional vernacular shape and natural colour timber cladding to connect my building to its rural context. The building is of lightweight timber construction so that it doesn’t change the permanence of the site.

For this project pencil was specified as the main drawing medium.


Project 2: Community Theatre 

For the second project this year we were asked to design a small community performance venue aimed to provide a hub for local community. Located near Hilsborough High Street my scheme for a theatre is standing out from the context of 19th century buildings surrounding it, creating a noticeable landmark, a strong new feature of the high street. My proposal is a small performance venue for magicians and illusionists travelling around and giving performances in different cities just like in the French cartoon movie “The Illusionist”.

Performance space and backstage area are located on the second floor while the ground floor is occupied by a cafe. The cafe would be open during the day also for families with kids wishing to see some  up-close magic tricks. In the evening cafe would be used as a bar to grab a drink and talk before or after the performance. In case of no magicians being on tour the performance space is equipped with projector and a screen to watch old movies or movies about magicians.

To relate to the theme of magic and illusionism the building has a mirrored facade which gives funny reflections of people passing by it. The extruded facade of the building offers a shelter for people gathering in front of the entrance. From the inside the stepped floor of the cafe gives impression of sitting in an audience and observing the theatre of the street. The interior design of the cafe consists mostly of checkered floors, red countertops, shiny metal furniture.