Zoe Lloyd

Programme 1: Print Studio

The brief asked us to design a temporary space for a Printmaker Studio to be located in Padley Gorge, Grindleford. To understand the process of a printmaker we visited a Sheffield based artist where we understood the procedure of the printing method and the space needed to carry it out.

Responding to the site and brief I designed a space for three artists who could use the environment as inspiration for their works. I have designed the architecture to sit into the site without disturbing the atmosphere of the scenic walk people take along the stream. Through a small entrance the inner space then expands to capture the ambience that surrounds the studio. Alongside a boot room and a washroom the studio space allows for each process of printmaking: preparation, printing and drying. There is also a café that invites visitors to preview the work and process that the printmakers carry out.


Programme 2: Perform 

The brief was set to design a theatre that would recreate the social event of watching performances. The site was based in Darnall, east of Sheffield. The location at present provides no building to offer entertainment like a theatre. I have designed a theatre that will allow the local community to gather and socialise whether it be to have a drink in the café or to watch a performance. The theatre design would be suitable for small to medium size productions allowing local schools or outside production companies to make use of the space to perform.


Programme 3 – Housing

The brief set the task to design a housing scheme set in the location of Heeley, south of Sheffield city centre. I decided to base my housing on Lifetime Homes as I could see the diverse age range of the people that live in Heeley and I aspired to create a housing scheme which could adapt to the occupiers, rather then the residents having to move to have a house which suits their changing needs.

Lifetime Homes create dwellings that can be adapted with minimal funds to become a space that is needed throughout different stages in a persons life. Using 16 key design criteria from the start of the design process the houses have the requirements that make them very accessible, with the potential for further development if needed. This enables residents to stay in their houses and make key changes where required for their needs. I believe this will build up friendships in the community as they can stay in a safe home with memories. I want to use the principles which Lifetime homes represent and create homes that, can not only suit a family for a lifetime but potentially for generations.