Zoë Georgiadis

Programme 1: Observation

Brief: A Place to Observe the Cosmos

Higger Tor, located in the Peak District just outside of Sheffield, is remote and distant from urban light pollution. This provides the ideal destination for using telescopes to observe and study the stars, moon and planets. The key facility is an observatory in which a high-tech telescope can be used by experts, within a rotating dome, and accommodation is provided for them to stay overnight. In order to attract visitors and increase general interest in this activity, a lecture theatre and exhibition space is provided, so students can take outings to the centre and become more informed on the subject. There is also plenty of opportunities for photographing the incredible view of the peaks, or amateur enthusiasts can bring along their own telescopes for the night, and camp out on Higger Tor beneath the stars.



Programme 2: Perform

Brief: a Multi-Purpose Theatre

Attercliffe, located between Sheffield and Rotherham used to be a thriving suburb, with an abundance of destinations for public leisure. This included many pubs, restaurants, and its own theatre. Many of the buildings are ornate and unique, but as the industrialisation took over, and the residential population decreased, the area became a place to pass through between Sheffield and the motorway. Many of these distinct buildings are now derelict and disused. The idea of bringing a theatre back to Attercliffe (as the Adelphi was closed down many years ago), provoked issues concerning the many passers-by; how could a theatre draw people in, and influence them to stop to enjoy the atmosphere? Therefore, a dramatic façade was required to revive the Adelphi’s former glamourous state. This façade, that aims to capture low light to manipulate an ethereal atmosphere (as stage lights manipulate a scene), disguises the warehouse-style box theatre, hidden amongst the existing warehouses in Attercliffe. This design with a ‘below-stage’ instead of a ‘backstage’ allows for many contemporary, as well as traditional, theatre formats.




Programme 3: Housing

Brief: Live/Work

P3 brought about the challenge of deciding on a housing type I felt would respond strongly to its context – the Sheffield suburb of Heeley. After studying the area, it became apparent that a series of live/work units would aid in the cultivation of local business and artistic practice in the area, as they are aspects that distinguish Heeley within Sheffield, and draw people towards it as well as strengthening the community. Whilst considering the immediate neighbours of SUM Studios and Heeley Institute, this development provides spaces for retail, private work and private dwelling, all separated by levels, but connected by outdoor spaces, in order to create a transition and distinction between each function. Another key feature is a public space made available for family gatherings, crafts fairs or other community events, which has the responsibility of being the immediate visual connection from Gleadless Road, inviting the public to the parade of shops which host the new independent businesses.