Ziming Weng

Project 1 – Walker’s Refuge





A Path of Reflection

The path is based on the work of the artist Richard Long which demonstrates how everything ‘from the largest to smallest element, including himself, is in a state of continuous and relative motion.’ The path of reflection diverts the path of the Mam Tor circular walk, leading the walkers through a new route, which through arrangements of modular timber panels invites the user to reflect upon their walk and acknowledge their surroundings.




Project 2 – Library

Dream Shelter

This is a quiet and pure library, where you can picture anything in. The library is mainly associated with creative writers around Manchester.



A Story…






Project 3 – Housing


Met with Pets, Lifestyle Warehouse

This is a project combining a pet centre and housing. The aim is to get together pet lovers, and help others acknowledge the benefits of having pets.