Ziai Huang (Karry)

~P1 Threshold-Refuge for Walkers~


(Joint project with Daisy)

The site sits on the hillside, a vast grassland, surrounded by many trees and some abandoned stone fence, which is 2 km away from Castleton. This small size building provide refuge for walkers who carry different stories and dreams. This scheme explores the threshold between the building and nature and try to make the building disappear into the nature.


~P2 Immersive theater~


A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love… The immersive theater blurred the lines between performer and audience and between performance and life.


~P3 After School Club~


This housing scheme locates in the industrial area of Burngreave. It is an area with high proportion of  uneducated and unemployment people and high crime rate, so it is important to have healthy and safe environment for children to grow. The scheme provides three types of houses for families with children and an ‘After school club area’ for children who not only live in this area but also from other places in Burngreave. The world between children and adults is balanced and explored in this scheme.


Ziai Huang

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