Zhikun Wu ( Jeremy)

P1: The Temple of Astronomy

The astronomy activities were combined with the religious ritual in ancient age. Not only chasing for the truth of the universe but also comforting the spiritual needs of people. Based on this point, I designed an observatory at Peak District with the ritual process. 

 P2: The Theatre of Theatre

The theatre is located in  a high street of Sharrow. I find the facade as an element of architecture can convey the information to people at street  through the neighbourhood study. So, I think the elements of architecture not only construct the architecture, but also become a type of medium to people. Based on P1 project study, the dome can become a good tool to convey the information to the vistor. Hence, in this project, I design a theatre where audiences can watch the play at auditorium and vistors can watch the scene of auditorium and stage at fronthouse.

 P3: The Drama Gardens

This project located in Heeley, a suburb in the south of the City of Sheffield. Based on the hierarchy of privacy and the theory of perspective, I design a mixed use housing scheme included 2-bedroom housing, 3-bedroom housing and student apartments with public garden, which can hold public activities for nearby residents. 


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