Yue Sun

P1 The Green Roof, foraging centre

My activity for this project is foraging. It’s an outdoor activity which allow people to pick fruits and vegetable in the wild and cook wild product into food by themselves so they can enjoy from the practise and learning. My House is going to be place in the centre of the open field so that people can easily find my house and come in to get supply and enjoy from learning unusual activities.


P2 The Brick Curtain Theatre

It is planned to be a space could contain around 100 people. Cafe and Gallery space are also under consideration in this project. Brick is my primary choice of material because the site, darnel are made of bricks.

I got my inspiration from stage curtain. I want to design my facade like the curtain shape with waves. Because in the theatre people always wandering whats going on behind the curtain and expect a great show. It’s my idea of attracting people to come in my theatre once the walk by.


House is not only a place to sleep at. It should be more like a part of everyone’s daily life. A decent house should make people feel secure, safe, comfortable, enjoyable and helpful. In the future, more and more activities will become available in private house. People don’t have to walk out of their house to go shopping, socialising and working.

There are many home worker in Sheffield, especially in place not very developed such as Heeley. I want to develop my housing project to help home worker in Sheffield to find a possible place to run their everything in a day. The House should have enough room for working. It should have shared space to encourage people to communicate. Last but not least, it should have a little bit green for everyone there to enjoy the nature and origin of Heeley