Project 1 Kayaking Center, Tinsley, Sheffield

Situated in between the River Don and Sheffield Canal, the aquatic center aims to cater to the needs of beginner and experienced kayakers. The free flowing roof form mimics the pronounced displacement of water, whilst the prominent glass facades accentuates the view of the natural environment.

Project 2 Library, Ropewalks, Liverpool

The bohemian heart of Liverpool. RopeWalks is always bursting with art, music and culture. It is a place for leisure, tourist and arts. Since Ropewalks is very rich in it’s culture but with little tech related stuff, it leads me to designing a technology themed library which also provides a place for communication and exchange of ideas.

Project 3 Housing, Burngreave, Sheffield

Located in Burngreave, Sheffield. This co-housing project aims to provide place for lone parents for a new start. The front terraced houses and the back apartments shaped a public central courtyard. With the help of various shared facilities in the apartment, the project hope to improve the sense of community of single parents.