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Yu Zhang

This housing scheme aims to tackle the problem of lack of security and maintenance that emerged in majority of the housings in Burngreave area, Sheffield. It constitutes of 9 timber-structured prefabricated modular housing units, with some of them having an extension void that can be filled by the residents in the future. This opportunity of customization allows residents to refurbish their house according to their individual needs to a larger extend. It as well enhances residents’ sense of adherence to the house, which leads to more care towards the house itself and the community it’s in.

Neighbourhood Study 1
Massing 1
Neighbourhood Study 2
Massing 2
Precedent 1
Site Analysis
Precedent 2
Ground Floor
1st Floor
2nd Floor
Housing Material
Landscape Material
Construction Precedent
Sectional Perspective
Interior View

Communal Area