P1 – Walker’s Refuge


Castleton, Derbyshire


– In collaboration with Ran Duan –

We are  required to design a restoration following a long walk for the walkers. The building should provide refuge from the elements, reflection on the previous day’s efforts, and preparation for the next.  In our proposal, there are two parts of the bridge which provide the path for walkers to the building from uphill and downhill respectively. Our proposed building is aimed to become an anchor, a landmark or a resting point for the walkers. For those going uphill, the building can be a place for them to store up energy to well prepared for the rest of the journey. For the walkers going downhill, the building may be a place where they can recuperate after climbing to the top and enjoy the great natural views outside.




P2 – Music Library


Northern Quarter, Manchester


Northern Quarter is one of the significant origins of the music culture of Manchester, for which I think a music library is suitable in this context. The library will be divided into two parts: the first part will be for music books and manuscripts in the 1960s-1980s, and reading; the second will exhibit collection of vinyl records and provide listening area in the same period, and also studio for music recording and creation will be on the top floor. For those who do not know the music of the previous era very well, it is my desire to stimulate their interest in music of that era via this library; For music lovers and even professionals, I hope they can use this library as a medium to review, appreciate, and analyze previous works, and then if possible, to take it as a source of inspiration to rethink modern music, to combine them and create music of contemporary significance.



P3 – Housing


Burngreave, Sheffield


The site is located in burngreave, which is a very culturally diverse neighbor that’s close to city center. Over the last few decades, it has always been one of the most popular areas that immigrants love to settle in Sheffield. But according to some research, even for people living here for few years, some of them may still find it difficult to really fit in the local community. In order to solve this problem, I am going to propose a housing scheme which incorporates the immigrants with the local families to create a community of interaction. Newcomers can get help from the locals in adapting the new life and in the meantime, the locals get to experience the different cultures. Apart from that, communal spaces which are a community kitchen and an outdoor children playing area as well as a parents resting spot will be provided.