Yip Fay Lau



There are three levels in which the project would like to promote in the Darnall community. In the first level, the scheme would like to reduce the amount of anti-social behavoiur by introducing theses younger generation to drama production as another way of “having fun”. Majority of these youngsters will be targetted from the Greenlands Junior School, which is opposite to the site within 100 meters, and they will all be encouraged to take part in different positions in a drama production. In the second level, locals will have chances to see their performance and , hopefully, different generations will have more interation and undertanding through the play. In the third level, the scheme aims to attract public’s attention by designing the theatre in a way so that people who do not go inside the theatre can have a glimpse of the whole process of drama production from street level. After the third level, it is hoped that more people will participate drama as they develop more interest in drama production that the theatre building will bring to them. 


A private planting garden is open to residents so they can socialise while planting. There are planting plot which are designed to be user-friendly to wheelchair users. A reading club, which aims to invite the schoold children from the Anns Grove Primary School, will be established inside the cafe which will add vibrancy to the cafe. The cafe, therefore, allows a wide spectrum of people to gather, where the elderly occupants can also have chances to interact with them. Overall, the objective of proposing a cafe is to help Heeley establishing a Lifetime neighbourhood and a sustainable community.