A joint project with Maranatha A. Obasi.

Kayaking is a popular water sport in Sheffield. The objective was to design a club centre for kayaking enthusiasts in Tinsley, near Meadowhall, in a wooded place along the River Don. We have designed a simple and sophisticated scheme that responds to the context and merges with the natural surroundings. Our building is shielded from unwanted human/random intrusions and negative noise interferences. It is indeed a product of its context.

The theatre is the heart of every community. It offers people a chance to escape from the reality. For project two, I have designed a “happy” theatre for Liverpool residents. Careful consideration has been done before the design procedure started (including doing questionnaire, light, acoustic and room shape research). This time, I have challenged myself through designing a sculptural form for the architecture and it provides different feelings compared to the neighbouring buildings.

Final view from Duke Street

Burngreave is a multicultural district of Sheffield, lying north of the city centre. My housing manifesto is to provide a stable living condition for the local residents, who do not have a stable working life. Using REGATHER (Sheffield charity organisation) as a successful example. Offering people a chance to learn basic cooking skills and set up their own small food market business and also regenerating Sorby Street into a weekend market street.