Yiming Liu

Project 1   Photographer Hub

In this project, we were asked to design a photographer hub where necessary functions, including gallery, photo point, storage, toilet, are achieved with the basis of temporary structure and adaptable purposes. The site is in Owler Tor, Peak District, where the nature, to my point of view, should be out of any big disturbance from human. This results in me, and Calin (partner), designing minimal structure, a cube with steel frame and precast wall. We try to let photography to embrace the nature and the scenery as much as possible.



Project 2   Theatre

In this project, I aimed to bring the people in the neighbourhood and street performers ( a card of city image of Manchester) together. The design took the shape of a street dance gesture, Freeze, and transformed it into a theatre. It was designed to have two stages, one inside and one outside on the roof, accommodating the requirement of street performances. The colourful stained glass window installed into curtain wall represents the diversity of performances and the openness of Manchester.


Project 3   Housing

In this project, after knowing that Burngreave, Sheffield, is ranked the second cheapest area in Sheffield, I intended to design housing for young couples with children and the elderly, both of whom are need of less room than other groups due to financial and psychological reasons. The type is apartment, eliminating the troubles that stairs might bring. Big glazing are for the mood of the elderly and the growth of children. Red bricks are still the cheapest materials in the UK, according to Architects’ Journal Specification.