Yijun Zhao (Arthur)




P3: Housing

The requirement of the project is to design a housing scheme to accommodate families and domestic groups. The given site is close to the Sum studio where most young artists work there. Nonetheless, most artists are at their early career, leaving the consequent strong stress become an non-negligible problem. Therefore, Everything I do, is to design a house for those young couples who have suffered enough from the endless quarrels made by the strong working stress or the different working habits, and for those single inhabitants who want to get rid of the solitary life and further think about the marriage.

The methods can be summarized into 3 main aspects.

1. Setting collective area/shared area in specific area to make occupants have chance to communicate with each other.

2. Separate study room have been set in distance to lessen the quarrels of young couples made by their different working habits.

3. Living habits developed over time can still be kept for single inhabitants but chances are created for them to know more about the marriage through the set collective area and their young couple neighbors.



P1: Shelter

The requirement for P1 is to design a shelter on the mountaintop of Peak district.

The scheme is based on not only making the shelter as a place to relax, but also a place to enjoy the view of peak district from different angle and think further about the meaning of climbing. In this way, meditation room is set at the entrance for the public to relax and reflect the achievement during this climbing journey. Additionally, the meditation room is functioned as a transition point between the outside and inside as people can drop off the heavy bags to get a fresh breathe. In addition to this, the exterior staircase was set for people to explore the beauty of Peak district further with a platform facing 3 directions set at each end of the landing. Moreover, the long staircase with a set of up and downs to symbolize the long climbing process. Besides this, large size curtain windows set at each bedroom ensure to borrow the scene of the fantastic Peak district view everywhere inside the shelter.




P2: Theatre

For P2, we are asked to design a small scale theatre. Through the neighborhood study, houses around Sharrow vale area in Sheffield were used to accommodate the working class in the past, but now most of them are student-let according to the local shopkeepers. In addition to this, this area is also combined with various family-run businesses where their shopfronts are quite distinct from one to the other.

According to the large percentage student-let houses around the given area Sharrow, I observed the risk behind which is the possible transient community. Therefore, solving this problem is the mainly focus for this project. After the careful consideration, I found these students can actually be the potential starting points to create a bit more permanent community.

What I do is to propose a theatre targeting at students who wants to study or devote himself into the realm of Drama including directors, producers, cinematographers, and actors.

The main function in this theatre is to let these students have chances gaining more experiences via producing dramas in front of the public. Moreover, given the location of sharrow in Sheffield, this theatre academy will attract students with same interests to come to sharrow and make them gather together at times in the theatre all year around, which further contributes to a more permanent community.