Yen-Ting Chen




Sectional Perspective Day View



The aim of scheme is to create a strong bound community includes the medical centre and the terrace shop house where accommodate a medium scale family. To create a diverse environment, the new development has two parts: community kitchen which is a extension of medical centre and units for big family/couple on the east and south side.

In modern living, the boundary between dining room and living room are vague. People have dinner at living room with TV. People meet there friends at dining room and work on dining table. Nevertheless, dining as a daily routine it is the core event of family life. Dining as the spirit of family, it worths celebrating and sharing with neighbour. The design principle propose a new space hierarchy of house. Dining rooms are located at the front of courtyard so that while dining residents can enjoy the view. Courtyard was surrounded by dining rooms and kitchens. In summer, residents can open the folded doors in dining room and share the food with neighbours.

Community kitchen is served as a cafe for public as well. On the street side is a cafe and the side facing courtyard is a community dining space. A semi-open room on the side is served as patient group/ community meeting space. The existing terrace shop house has a kitchen facing courtyard as well. All buildings around has kitchen/dining front and a direct access to courtyard. In the scheme, all residents can share their food and joy together around the courtyard. The courtyard with dining function is the core of community.




Residents of Darnall have a diverse culture background despite of its mining history. The new community space like mosque has shifted outside the high street. The new library proposal is to create a new community space and enlarge the collection to fulfil Darnall as the “Hub Library” for Sheffield council’s plan.

To bound the community, a community kitchen is place in ground floor respond to the “restaurant rich” high street and Lidl, the main supermarket in Darnall on the other side. User can borrow the recipe, buy ingredients from Lidl and cook in the community kitchen where provide professional equipments. Residents can share their recipe from different culture background and enjoy their food together. During the event, the doors in kitchen can be removed to formed a large square.

Reading as a solitary event, on the other hand, need a private and no-disturbance space. The housing in Darnall generally are only two tor three room, lack of space for reading room. Several reading cabinets are provided with homy furniture in first floor. The library is a unique space for users. It can be both social and solitary, for group and every individual.


South Street Park


The scheme is to design a temporary cycle hub in South Street Park near the station. The basic service like toilet and showers are placed and a small refreshment shop was provided. On the top of amphitheatre staircase is the main pedestrian route for the community residents. The design aim to create a “city gate” for resident. People can park their bikes here as a daily commute from home to station. For the tourists, after they ride to the top, they could enjoy the view of city and have some refreshment.

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