Yanni Pitsillides

P1 | Caving Retreat

Situated a  short, 5 minute drive from Castleton, the site is snuck in a barren valley scape which homes the popular Giants’ Hole cave. My initial response to the site was its delicate, rippling ground and the varying shafts of rock ripping through the landscape. I wanted to create my own rip through the landscape through introducing a  threshold on the South side. Situated on the South slope, I wanted the Cabin to respond to the idea of Journey & Reveal. The simple plan of the building allows the social space to open up to views through the valley. The notion of reveal means a level of control is exerted so as to exemplify the first viewing of the cave. The entrance to the building from the car park is positioned so the cavers experience the cave on the day of their exploration. Upon return, the social space is an explosion of light and warmth attracting the cavers with its homely feel exemplified through the ever-present chimney.





P2 | Spoken Word ‘Poetree’ Theatre

Located a 10 minute drive from Sheffield, the site in Darnall was one that offered deprivation, poverty and a ethnically diverse population to balance. This spoken word theatre was to stand as an accessible hub in the heart of Darnall which connected an isolated corner. The brick core allows for multi-functional access both from the main road and from the library which works hand-in-hand with poetry and is referenced with the library corridor space. The trees and size of the site influenced the two elevated pods which are situated in amongst the trees which works with the idea that poetry and reading has an element of fantasy and appeals to the younger cohort in Darnall. The multi-flexible, open plan ground floor couples spoken word poetry’s flexibility in performance space, meaning the building acts as a multi-functional, multi-flexible community space that works with and for the user.