Yana Pavlova


The task was to design a place for beekeepers to work, look after bees, teach and for public to interact with bees.

During the initial research we have found that one third of food we consume is pollinated by bees. They play significant role in our life but people leave less place for them to live.

One of the challenges of this project was that we could use only pencil drawings. It had influenced design process in many ways, especially when producing measured drawings.





The Box of Brambling – theatre in Darnall

In this project we were asked to design a theatre in Darnall for 120 seats. Darnall was a coal mining area in early 20th century and after decline of metal industry became one of the poorest areas in Sheffield with big immigrant community.

The site is situated on one of the main streets in Darnall where many shops are located, not far from the school, nursery, library and railway stop. During the site analysis I have heard a few opinions that people do not feel safe in Darnall and prefer to spend time at home. At the same time library worker told me that some young people come to the library to socialize as they feel safe and comfortable there.

Children and their parents have nowhere to go during the day and in the evening so I supposed that they might find pleasant to go to a café with a stage for singers after school time finishes.





The brief was to design a housing scheme in Heeley. I have proposed a co-housing where families share kitchen and garden space. There are four blocks, one with two houses, one with four and two with three houses. There are two types of dwellings: two and four bedroom. Also there are three terraces in the middle. Two lower ones will be children playgrounds and from the top terrace parents will be able to look after their kids.