Ya Liu




                                                                                         A Printmaking Studio in the Woods

Located in Padley Gorge, a deep and narrow valley in the Peak District, this print-making studio is to maximize the beautiful views in the area. In addition, the copper cladding aims to echo the printmaking theme as well as to let the architecture itself be a canvas since the orange colour copper will gradually turns green and leaves mark on the cladding as time goes by. The copper part is also a sliding part to meet with the demand of the user according to different weather and conditions.



                                                                                         Magician’s Theatre   

This project was to explore the ‘uniqueness’ created in magic performing and to express it in its architectural atmosphere as well. The cone-shape theatre in the middle supposed to have an ‘aura’ for magic performing while it retain its concept for the famous magic shoe- ‘vanishing bird’. The facade get inspired by the surrounding buildings but also can be seen as a transformed form of them, it also aimed to create a mysterious sense.






                                                                                        Poetic Settlement in Heeley   

The idea is to break a cluster of dwellings down to lots of family-scale houses and flats. A conceptual framework of houses gathering together
is formed. The gap in-between the dwellings become spaces for nature environment.   The design strategy is also to have a cluster of dwellings that are connected to each other by communal areas, including living  room, dining room and kitchen. The shared space is multi-functional.