Xuejun Xu (Olivia)


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Project Three.  House       <Heeley Co-Housing>

Implicit in the notion of ‘the shared’ is the recognition of distinct, separate entities. In spatial terms this is expressed through territory and ownership and as such, we are re- connected with the central theme of Aldo van Eycks ‘in between’, the world of borders, boundaries and thresholds: The design of housing, unlike the single house, offers an opportunity to exploit the potential of multiple units; the street. Central to the design and habitation of housing is the realm of ‘the shared’, expressed both physically in party walls, communal space, sustainable strategies, and metaphorically in the expression of common values, be they social, cultural, or issues of lifestyle. This Project aims to produce units of housing with impliciting the notion of ‘the shared’, which can accommodate a mixture of families with children and smaller domestic groups.

My housing design in Heeley will be Co-Housing with the purpose of creating a warm, well-being and natural atmosphere inside. Residence has the ownship of their private space and shares the communal courtyard at the same time. Choosing communities are unique in their extensive common facilities and, more importantly, in that they are organized, planned, and managed by the residents themselves. Similarly, choosing is evolving to address the needs of different types of household, from single-parent cooperatives to congregate housing for the elderly with private rooms arranged around shared living space.

Practical advantages: childcare, outdoor common dinners, shared resources, rich social workshop atmosphere. Private ownership and the larger community. Children never lack for playmates.