Xiaobin James Fan

A Building Within a Landscape

A joint project with Xavier Thanki

This scheme focuses on framing the views of the Peak District from the site in which it sits, providing photographers and passersby a space for both inspiration and refuge.

The building sits on a threshold between strong horizontal and vertical planes, with weathered rocks and cliff faces inspiring its layers and the dynamism of its form

Initial site survey

Territory map

Measure task – a short stop motion animation showing the range of movement in space in the process of using a film camera

Concept page exploring form and dynamism

Precedent photomontage

Basement plan

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Section AA

Section BB

Sketch of view from ground floor window

Sketch of view from first floor window

Model in context

Photomontage render of model

Sequential drawing showing key moments

Model of stairs exploring light

Killer drawings

Through this scheme I aimed to provide a community theatre celebrating Chinese heritage and culture within Ropewalks, Liverpool

Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese settlement in Europe and the largest Paifang (gate) outside of mainland china. Yet, this rich history is not reflected in the atmosphere of its Chinatown, which is somewhat lifeless and dilapidated, especially during the day

This community theatre proposes a stark reenergising and revitalisation of the Chinese community in Liverpool

Type task – inspired by Chinese Paifang and Beijing’s Hutong streets

A street within a street concept – with various food and merchandise vendors occupying each alcove

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Section AA

Section BB

Exterior Views

Interior views

The goal of this project is two-fold

Firstly it aims to provide a housing scheme which helps to relieve the stresses of single-parenthood, by pairing these households with the economically inactive, creating an internal community of care and support

Secondly this scheme aims to reclaim production within the post-industrial site in which it sits. This is done through reimagining and rehousing ‘The Burngreave Messenger’, a local social and news outlet, as a hub for creative output in the area. The scheme seeks to the pioneer a grass-roots regeneration of the area whilst remaining sympathetic to its history.

Photo collage showing the interior of the proposed community interface

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Section A

Exterior views – Street facing facade

Exterior views – rear of building

Sketches showing key moments within the scheme

Sectional perspective drawing – showing the differing relationships between the scheme’s street facing facade and rear facade

Construction details