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Joint Project with Yu Zhang

Working with Yu Zhang, the task for this project is to design a temporary shelter for paraglide in Blackmoor, in the Peak District. Our focus was to establish a bond between nature and humanity, as the sports itself has an indivisible relationship with natural conditions. The resulting space serve as a semi-open communal lounge allows sportsmen to communicate with each other and take recess.


Ropewalks, Liverpool

In the second project, I designed a theater. The site is located in Liverpool Ropewalks, which is young, vibrant and full of humanities and art. The theatre is immersive with flexible acting space. The audience explores the plot by walking through different rooms and there is no fixed viewing order. This experimental form aims to attract more young people into the theater, understand the drama culture and promote mutual communication.

Urban Study, Site Analysis & Early Development
Task – TYPE
Case Study, Demographical Statistics & Model Pictures
Acting Space & Elevation


Burngreave, Sheffield

Project 3 is about a housing scheme. Researching the neighborhood and site I decided to design an apartment and a music public space which could bring different people together. I found a precedent apartment that has the similar corner with the site and tried to use its layout for reference – to separate the service part (kitchen and bathroom) and living part(lounge and bedroom) and creating a common corridor for increasing the chance people encounter each other. Through this way, the boundary between people might be broken, which also respond to the culture-mixed Burngreave area. The east part and south part is a small stage and a rehearsal hall, which can provide convenience for little gigs or shows.

Precedent Case Study 1
Precedent Case Study 2
Neighbourhood Study
Site Analysis
Facade Concept
Apartment Precedent & Materials
Model Pictures