Xavier Thanki


A Building in a Landscape

A joint project with Xiaobin Fan

Creating a small building within the landscape was key to this project, allowing keen photographers and admirers of the Peak District to utilise a building to both partake in, and appreciate photography of the visual surroundings.

By designing the building in a style against the vernacular of the area, we have created a landmark. The form allows tensions between thresholds to be broken through varying cantilevering and submerged spaces.

Photo montage of site
Territory task
Measure task – animation identifying the process of film photography, in turn influencing
the form
Level 0 floor plan
Level 1 floor plan
Level 2 floor plan
Section AA
Section BB
Sequential Drawing explaining key moments
Stair model exploring light
Model in context
Model Render
Killer Drawing


Black box theatre

Bringing a black box theatre to the local Liverpool region that does not just focus on the theatre, but the experience the building gives back to the user. This is created through the playful use of constricting and contracting spaces, allowing a ‘real’ sense of theatre to be created.

Speculative proposal
Site analysis
Site analysis –
Type task – exploring constricting and expanding spaces. Development of stair model from ideologies of Adolphe Appia
Level 0 floor plan
Level 1 floor plan
Section AA
Section BB
North-East Elevation
South facade drawing
Internal sketches


Green space for migrants

A housing project for refugees and migrants in the Burngreave area of Sheffield. This project aims to give inhabitants a variety of public and private green spaces, that play with thresholds with both the street and courtyard. The courtyard provides ability for space to be utilised for sustaining the home-owners alongside supporting the community kitchen.

Visual manifesto

Cognitive mapping

Site photos + sketches
Strategy diagram
Level 0 floor plan
Level 1 floor plan
Roof plan
Section AA
Front elevation
Model analysis
Internal sketches –

Street perspective
Interior courtyard view
Ariel view
Sectional perspective