Wong Chiu Ho Anthony





The Second Year at the Sheffield School of Architecture was a valuable time for me to re-evaluate my previous design methods and to experiment on techniques that I wasn’t comfortable with in the First Year, expanding my skills in both hand-made and computer-made methods. Throughout the 3 three studio projects with unique context and agendas, I had established my design preference by first using a vast amount of hand-made products, such as sketches and models to fully immerse myself in the design. Then tests would be carried out with both real life and digital methods. And the final products will be more computer driven in terms of production.



University email address: cawong1@sheffield.ac.uk

Personal email address: anthonywong3031@yahoo.com.hk

Title photo




Situated in the Peak Cavern

Located in the Peak District, the Peak Cavern is one of the most magnificent result created by the evolution of nature. With the amusing facade of natural beauty, it lies countless voids and passages that had never been visited by men, attracting countless cavers to go and seek for adventure.

‘Threshold’ could be defined as the transition from one space to another, it defines our knowledge of what kind of what space means to us. The extremes of the cave opening had created a natural threshold between light and darkness, between an open and extremely enclosed environment. And the aim of this project is to create a threshold, a shelter which lets cavers feel to be welcomed after a long day of caving under the cold, narrow and depressing environment. 

Able to accommodate 8 cavers at a time, and equipped with standard washrooms and washing equipment. Cavers would have a chance to socialize and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery without the boundary of walls and roofs.





[The Botanical Library]

Situated in Northern Quarter, Manchester

‘If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.’- Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Northern Quarter in Manchester is a lively and exciting place, being the transportation hub of the area, it has a rich history in music, arts and crafts, politics etc. Shops and restaurants are sitting everywhere in the area. In a city so modernized, it is surprising to see many of the buildings were conserved through time.The district has most facility people could possibly ask for, people go there will probably find the thing need. However, the thing which is lacking in Northern Quarter would be a space for people slow down and relax, people come and go pretty quick . And even for an urban area, Northern Quarter had a remarkably few amount of green space available for general public to enjoy. Thus the aim of the library would be creating a green space for the citizens to slow down their pace and appreciate their surroundings. To read, to social, or to simply relax there. Leading to the manifesto of the botanical library.




[The Refugee Housing]

Situated in Burngreave, Sheffield

Locating at the north of the Sheffield City Centre, Burngreave is one of the most ethnically diverse district in Sheffield. Which inspires me to create a manifesto of a temporary housing scheme for the asylum seekers. Where in the scheme there will be a community centre to house different events, such as talks, English classes, social events for not only the asylum seekers, but also the nearby community. And when the asylum seekers gained the status as refugees, they would then be reallocated to move away and new people could come in. The project will be aiming to encourage the residents to socialize and communicate, therefore providing various social spaces will be a major role in the scheme. And I believe with the rich history of refugees and the ethnically diverse community, this would be a suitable place for the asylum seekers to start out their new lives.