Weichen Zhang

P1 – ‘threshold’ | Apiary

The Apiary is proposed to create a activity space for a group of beekeeping club members in Sheffield General Cemetery, an overgrown historic site southwest to Sheffield city centre. The design aims at providing a safe and positive public contact with bee’s habitat to promote the knowledge of beekeeping while ensuring proper security and privacy for the club members. I chose the historic catacomb wall as my physical ‘threshold’ and the space inside the apiary is designed to raise users’ attention to this magnificent wall. Also, the building itself serves as a ritual threshold in that the members need to get prepared in the building, like walking across a virtual bridge, to get down to the realm of bees.


P2 – ‘neighbourhood’ | Community Theatre

The theatre is proposed for an existing local community in Hillsborough. The site locates next to a busy high street with bus and tram stops right in front of it. In this project I seek to develop a concept that the building performs itself rather than just a black box with all the magic going on only inside. With an interactive facade which to some extent informs the street what is going on inside the theatre, the building starts to transform into a performance in accordance with its literal function. On the other hand, the internal space is designed to encourage interaction between the users to enhance creativity. And with a flexible performance space, the theatre can cater for different performers and audience ranging from young people to the elderly.