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Vincent Las Marias


This is a celebration of the body of work I produced throughout my second year of architectural studies at the University of Sheffield. 
The projects range from a small-scale building, medium-sized theatre, and to a more complex housing scheme.
 Each projects contains an array of design intentions informed by their specific context.

Contact me: vlasmarias1@sheffield.ac.uk

Park Hill, Sheffield
-a joint projet with Hoiphone Pong-

The challenge of disconnection caused by the division of the residential area, Park Hill, and the city center of Sheffield from the train station
 was an opportunity for us to propose a Cycle Hub that links both areas. The Cycle Hub we propose offers a program, informed by the future
student accommodation project of Park Hill, that connects both the students and bicycle enthusiasts in sharing the knowledge of maintaining a bicycle.
Furthermore, the building also accommodates the people who enjoy the events held in the amphitheater nearby.





Northern Quarter, Manchester

"There is a light that never goes out"

Known for its artistic flair and culturally-diverse community, Northern Quarter can offer a range of stories yet to be revealed, enticed even from 
its distinctive shops and graffiti facades.

The theatre explores a juxtaposition of social interaction and intimacy through architecture. Conceptually,
 the intimate atmosphere from a campfire informed me to develop a familiar but unique theatrical experience from a hybrid of an informal
 and circular theatre typology. Manchester's stories will be showcased through storytelling performances. It aims to
intimately engage the audience and possibly broaden their awareness of Manchester's history, culture, and hidden stories.




Burngreave, Sheffield

"A man dwells when he can orient himself within and identify
himself with an environtment or in short, when he experiences environment as meaningful."
-Christian Norberg-Schulz

How to re-establish and identify genius loci through housing? 

The housing scheme parallels from our proposed Masterplan of Burngreave regeneration through a community
 participation. The challenge is to re-establish a seemingly lost genius loci of the area,
 therefore the housing scheme I develop will serve as a catalyst for Burngreave regeneration.
 The houses will be constructed by the professionals, volunteers, and a group of families. This will be 
an opportunity for skill sharing and new families to find their sense of place in Burngreave from their interaction
 throughout the whole process of construction and post-construction. The scheme provides the basic needs of a house 
and a furniture workshop for the families to apply their skills learned from the process.

My design intentions tackle the issue of "housing as a verb" or an unending process and activity, 
instead of housing solely as a product.