Victoria Tong Tsz Ying

  P1Nebula Observatory             |            P2Blackout Theatre      |                  P3Homeless Housing

During second year, the three main projects have ascending scales and distinctive contexts; I have tried different approaches and visions in the projects in order to discover my own style; In P1, functions follow form is tested through the curved form – but more time is required to arrange the functional area ; Therefore, from P2 onwards, function is considered as the first priority, which is aimed to present the concepts on their own; History and statistics of respective sites are studied to make the designs merge with the context; Digital and hand drawing are experimented and they express altered atmosphere – but both must contain accurate architectural components, which articulate design visions.


‘Moving Contours, Chasing Constellations’

Astronomy has always been deemed as a very boring subject thus the concept of this design is to arouse people’s interest in space, especially the Nebula. The design symbolises the movement of the Nebula and creates an illusion of being lost in the space. The observatory lands lightly on the Higger Tor and becomes one of the contour lines


‘For everyone, as I think, must see that astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.’

— Glaucon


The concept is to make visitors have a feeling of going onto a stage, by creating light and dark, noisy and quiet spaces. A theatre should also be functional for the whole day in spite of holding shows. Situated in Attercliffe, two urban facades are designed- one for attracting passengers on main street so that they can stay longer in the town instead of passing by; one in the courtyard displaying current activities through revealing different spaces.The whole design process can be separated into two sections – Performers and audience. They should have different routes accessing the theatre but also have a space to gather and share experiences.



The housing is aimed at homeless and low income people, who lack opportunities to receive education that can change their life. Having studied the history of Heeley with a rich history of churches, glass-blowing technique will be the major skill to be taught so the public can be more aware of the town. The glass-blowing factory is located at the ground floor of the apartment facing Sums Studios and St Anne’s School, where the progress can be showcased to others. Other housing units also share similar architectural language, containing a pop-out workshop space that can be seen from main street. As a result, there can be intercommunication between the primary school students and Sums Studio. killer

Victoria Tong Tsz Ying

Year2 Architecture Student


From: Hong Kong

Interest: Guitar, photography