Victoria Spencer

arborist training centre

I was given a site by the Limb Brook between Ringinglow and Whirlow, and asked to design an arborist training centre.

The more I researched the subject of arboriculture the more it became apparent that inside space was rarely needed, apart from for storage. I wanted to keep the form simple and provide spaces that are heavily connected to the outside, such as the large windows and the outdoor stair.




the burlesque theatre

Attercliffe Road was the chosen location for my design for a theatre. The lack of community in the area alongside the existing places along the road led me to try and create a destination, somewhere people would go out of there way to visit.

I decided to go along the line of Burlesque and try and combat Attercliffe’s name for adult entertainment in a better way. The road has many adult stores along with one questionable ‘massage parlour’ and so I had to be careful to create a space that wouldn’t be ignored and seen as part of the same circle.



The housing scheme is located next to Carrfield Medical Centre in Heeley, Sheffield.

I wanted to create a housing scheme that promotes health and wellbeing. I have three main attributes that I wanted to include which are the amount of daylight into the spaces, the physical amount of space and the contact with nature and green spaces.