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P1 apiary

the project aims to create a temporary clubhouse for beekeepers

i intend to design a sphere of learning and leisure in which the community

and beekeepers can fully appreciate nature, as well  as apply theory into practise

the building is located near the main entrance of sheffield general cemetery

the overgrown vegetation creates pleasent surprises in the landscape

i intended to conserve this very organic and camouflaged aspect of the site

the pathways are frequently used by dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians and so

developing routes seemed necessary

the beautiful, mossy, stone catacomb wall is an important part to my design

it relates to the mythological link between bees and death, also it forms the perfect solid base for

my building to grow off, like a natural beehive

in addition to this the site is partially shaded and is boarded by a river, creating ideal conditions for bees








P2 theatre

this project aims to create more than just a theatre but a space which could renew the  vibrant

history of attercliffe

the site is very well connected to the city centre and so is ideal to open a theatre

i intend to design a place for the remaining community and the future residents to be proud of

and use on a day to day basis

also i want to create something that would be unique to the neighbourhood and to the

city of Sheffield

the rich industrial history and the numerous colourful shops located around the site were my main source of inspiration

i have designed a very vibrant space in which light is cast in unique ways and reflected

off colourful sufaces

the interior is all about creating cosy, human scale “pockets” in a wider space and more

importantly creating a surreal and 3D journey to the auditorium






 P3  housing

i have chosen to house vulnerable youth, elderly people and young families as in nowadays

societies these three types of people can often be stigmatised and excluded

i want to make it possible through the home to rebuild the lost connections 

the traditional house and the history of heeley were my main source of inspiration,

as well as the abundant vegetation of the area 

i aimed to create a soothing housing development which would provide comfort

and shelter within the busy neighbourhood

the idea is that the scheme could be stumbled upon like a mews tucked away behind an archway

covered in ivy, reminding me of the film “the secret garden”

the dwellings are well integrated in their surrounding and are approached through a series of

thresholds to encourage interaction

the interiors are simple, the bedrooms are minimal in order to encourage people to dwell in

the living areas which are modern and open plan

the houses share “moments”, for example the custom built staircases and the semi-shared

roof terrace overlooking the communal garden

nevertheless for the housing scheme to be successful it is essential for it to be well

connected to the community, this is why i have chosen to design various facilities around it