Victoria Lam

Y2 Portfolio




P1 Threshold: Grow

Garden & Tea Shed in Hathersage
Exterior Perspective – A1 Graphite

A pair project with Heng Chew, a garden shed was specially designed for the Hathersage Allotment Group in Hathersage, a village in the Peak District. Besides serving as a storage space, our proposed shed is meant to also be a special, serene place for the Allotmenteers to take a tea break hidden amongst the trees and above their babbling brook.

Celebrating their traditional way of collecting water from the brook with a humble bucket, the idea of water, nature and the serenity of drinking tea flows throughout the design.

1:1 Measure Task – Went to brook to fetch a pail of water

P2 Perform: Theatre

Cultural Centre in Ropewalks
Revit model

For this public building project, the proposal is a cultural centre with a theatre-in-the-round. As an immersive experience, it will particularly celebrate Liverpool’s longstanding ethnic communities and their rich heritage through performances and exhibitions.

Exploring a response:


Realised how long Liverpool has retained and celebrated its cultural diversity.


Experimented with the concept of immersive and imaginative lights with modelling.


Combined the two to propose the final brief (above).

P3: In-between

Self-Build Housing in Burngreave
Sectional Perspective – A1 Ink and Watercolour

Combining the supportive spirit of the adjacent Pitsmoor Adventure Playground with my Self-build manifesto, this housing project helps low-income families establish their own homes by doing it themselves whilst gaining valuable skills and camaraderie with fellow self-builders.