Victoria Glistrides

The Creative Collective is a live/work housing scheme located within the deprived yet vibrant district of Burngreave, Sheffield.

Based upon a simple design manifesto of creating comfort in the in-between, this housing scheme aims to respond to its industrial location by providing spaces to work and develop creative skills, whilst also creating a safe space for people to come and go and feel at ease, thus creating comfort. Buildings are pushed towards the four edges of the site creating a semi-permeable internal courtyard space, with workshops and public coffee house/library facing onto one another, giving opportunity for greater activity and creative interaction to occur. With this scheme standing as affordable housing and having a mixed range of dwelling types, all units would be suitable for a range of different family types and individuals.

Overall, the Creative Collective not only provides a space for a creative network to develop, but it could also be the catalyst for the development of creativity throughout the Burngreave area.