Travis Alan Mills

During my second year at Sheffield School of Architecture I was able to increase my spatial knowledge and experiences gathered within first year. Year two has allowed me to challenge my approach to architectural design and the representation of my design work. The increased complexity is seen as a welcome challenge. The three projects throughout the year have allowed me to develop my representational techniques such as drawing, CAD and representational modeling. The following galleries are collated from a selection of my own work, the projects are titled ‘viticulturist’, ‘community theatre’ and ‘housing.’

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P1 – Wincobank Fizz Factory – Vineyard 

The Wincobank Fizz Factory is located within Wincobank woods. The Fizz Factory is a new centre for the production of sparkling wine, with a vineyard covering an acre the production site is capable of producing up to 3000 bottles of wine. The production process is expressed and exposed in every element within the building. The interior bottle storage solutions create a lively atmosphere. The thick walled cellar for the fermentation process is a requirement, this has been visibly shown to create the darker more atmospheric aesthetic. 



P2 – The Steel Box – Theatre

The Steel Box is located within Sharrow. The Steel Box is a new centre for the enjoyment of music and dance, with the theatre meeting the demand of Sharrow and its local residents the option to have an adaptable studio space is a necessity. The theatre houses a reading are, rehearsal room and main theatre. This allows the centre to be used my many differing ages and stages within the music and dance development scheme. The reading area will allow local school children to come and enjoy a book whilst taking in the double height space. The glass entrance removes the theatre goer from the outside world and envelops them into the one of theatre.



P2 – Heeley Warehouse Housing – Housing

Heeley Warehouse Housing located within Heeley, is setting the bench mark for new work live developments. The exterior walls are constructed by a team of local builders, this allows stability and longevity. The remaining of the construction is down to the buyer, this allows them to create their own partition walls setting out a lifestyle that suits them. The ground floor workshops will be used to complete the construction of the partition walls and furnishing of the dwellings. This approach to construction allows the initial cost to be reduced. The workshops will also be used to maintain the local area of Heeley. The adaptable space below the café and grocers will allow greater diversity of trades to enter the area.