Tom Hudson-Davies

P1 – Foraging Centre


“One of the most enjoyable things about foraging is the way in which it compels a greater awareness of one’s surroundings – the need to slow down, pause and look…nettles are a fantastically versatile plant, higher in vitamin C than oranges and packed full of protein. Why we use them so infrequently is something of a mystery.”

Foraging is the act of searching for wild foods. It is a primitive activity that has become a hobby for a small portion of the UK population. After going on a foraging tour I realised how the activity opens your eyes and gives you a new perspective of nature – in particular the weeds and shrubs growing through cracks in the pavement. This thought set the tone for the project.

 My design acknowledges that foraging is totally reliant on nature and is therefore very unpredictable. Rather than designing a space limited to the specifics of foraging, it made sense not to design a space that can only be used in a certain season or depending on the rainfall that year. My proposal aims to offer habitation all year round as well as the potential for alternative activities.







P2 – The Lantern Venue

Situated on the border of two different communities, the proposed site lies on a lifeless street. The Lantern Venue engages with the street and is designed to act like a people band draw people in. The Lantern Venue is a flexible performance space that could cater for live music, comedy and small scale theatre productions.

A performance of any kind takes you away from the real world, into a mindset that shuts you away in a bubble of entertainment. My design’s driving force was heavily influenced by this idea of being closed off from reality. I was interested in creating a journey for the users that enhanced and exaggerated this feeling.






P3 – Gregory Road Park Housing Scheme

After reading into housing in the UK, I became interested in the following issuess.

  1. Redundant buildings being built by private developers
  2. Housing the growing elderly population – “Over half the people born today will live to be one hundred”
  3. Provision of affordable homes

This led me to follow the brief:

    • To design a housing scheme fit for all demographics. 
    • The houses should be flexible enough for easy adaptation as well as a change of use.
    • The scheme should be rooted to its location and provide a sense of place and belonging for the user


My scheme attempts to ground itself in its location. It responds to Heeley’s lack of good quality green public spaces through trying to celebrate and make the most of the nature in Gregory Road Park.