Tom Register


Site: Sheffield General Cemetery

Brief: To design a apiary which can provide a secluded area for up to 4 hives and a suitable route to view them. It should also provide secure storage for equipment, a tea point, a separate WC and an office space. It should also provide a multipurpose room for functions, teaching/ demonstrating and honey extraction. Furthermore the project must have a solution to off grid power waste and water.

In this project my aim was to design a small structure that the public could stumble upon during a walk through the cemetery. The site is situated close to the river, as bees benefit from a close proximity to water, and in a clearing in the trees where elements of the building stretch out to create a journey which brings the public seemingly through the building, as a continuation of the journey through the woods.

Theatre #790

Site: Attercliffe Rd., Attercliffe

Brief: To Design a community theatre space complete with cafe/bar, office, storage backstage and performance area.Site: Attercliffe Rd., Attercliffe Theatre

My Theatre concept is an adaptable, multi use Theatre space that will hopefully bring culture back into Attercliffe and help rejuvenate its dilapidated hight street. The thick, reclaimed brick wall supports a series of lighter metal wings, which in turn shelter the activities underneath. The functional elements have been grouped into pods, which the circulation space then revolves around.


Site: Gregory rd. Park/Gleadless rd. Heeley

Brief: To Design a variety of 2 and 3 bed housing for a mixed community that will contribute to the street and wider area of Heeley. 

Manifesto: I chose to look at affordable housing that uses space more efficiently so as to reduce the cost of housing allowing people to claim ownership of their home and not simply shelter in someone else’s house.

My proposal aimed to draw from the sites close proximity to Sum Studios, new modern offices in Heeley, and create a series of live work units that would act as an extension of the dilapidated high street, Gleadless rd. which was to be regenerated and pedestrianised in our masterplan. The individual units aim be cost effective for new businesses and families that can’t afford to rent a work unit and/or buy a house.