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The projects during my second year at Sheffield School of Architecture have helped to develop my understanding of architecture by encouraging a sensitive approach to site whilst allowing a freedom to be creative.

From concept to final stages, the projects have been tackled using a range of techniques from pencil drawings through to computer aided design.


Second Year Project Briefs:

1.0  Foraging

2.0  Theatre

3.0  Housing


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Project 1.0 : The Tea Shed

Gleadless Valley is a large housing estate located South-South East of Sheffield City Centre. The site we were given is an area of grassland beside Meers Brook which is one of the main tributaries of the River Sheaf. Originating in Gleadless, Meers Brook drains the undulating land of Gleadless Valley. The site is used for dog walking but unbeknownst to the residents it is also a foraging hotspot. Nestled on a North East facing bank between the trees, I have proposed a Centre to allow for the cultivation, preparation and enjoyment of Rose Hip Tea. Clad in charred timber, a reflection of small bonfires that once existed on the site, it’s tall, smoking chimneys act as a beacon drawing the people of the estate to take make the most of the free food and drink which grows around them. 

The process of using the building:

1.  Hire equipment from the storage unit

2.     Forage in the surrounding area, with a guidance leaflet provided.

3.     Attend a workshop informing how the Rose Hip Tea is made

4.     Proceed to the kitchen to prepare the tea.

5.     Make way downstairs to the lounge or onto the balcony, both offering stunning views over Gleadless Valley and fellow foragers below, to enjoy the tea you have made.  
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Project 2.0 : Bar and Banter Comedy Club

The site is in Sharrow Vale just off Ecclesall Road, South West of Sheffield City Centre. The area is well established with a large student demographic.  The quaint Sharrow Vale community exists on one side and the lively nightlife of Ecclesall Road exists on the other. The site acts as the bridge between the two.

I wanted to design a comedy club. As a student myself, I would probably go and see a traditional theatrical production once a twice a year, whereas a good comedy venue I would happily go to every saturday night.

‘Bar and Banter’ is all about the connection between the bar and the stage.  It is a small and lively, single storey comedy club that fits into the site like a jigsaw piece. I want the building to become integrated with the community with local acts on stage and local beers sold at the bar. 

 The performer, albeit a well known act on a Friday, or an open mic gig on Monday,  will be able to easily communicate with those at the bar and the bar staff. Alcohol and comedy often come hand in hand so essentially the bar acts an extension to the stage and the audience between guides the performance.


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Project 3.0:  Evolve.

Evolve is defined by three aspects:

1.  Catering for the evolving family – specifically the growth of children.

2.  Sustainable ethos – we must conserve and reuse in order to develop.  

3.  Fabrication –  homes that can be built and deconstructed easily to allow for adaptable conditions to meet any evolving site issues.

Heeley is an interesting area  that exists a 10 minute walk from Sheffield Train Station, South East of the City Centre. There is a strong communal spirit that has driven the redevelopment of Millennium Park, which hosts the annual Heeley Festival. The proposal on the site at the entrance to Gregory Road Park aims to redevelop the area to a similar standard to Millennium Park by providing good quality, sustainable housing which caters for the evolution of children. The homes are prefabricated, highly insulated units made of Structurally Insulated Panels, all containing 4 bedrooms and have generous garden spaces.


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