Tom Cronly

Castleton Cycling Centre

The aim of this project was to design a bike rental facility for cycling enthusiasts. The site was located the bottom of a deep valley that runs alongside the historic Peveril Castle. The work had to address the stunning landscape and historical context but also had to  embody the buildings use. Timber strips at varying lengths were chosen as  cladding to symbolise the speed of the cyclists rushing down the valley on the local cycling route.



Darnell Theatre of Contemporary Adaptations

When we we were tasked to design a theatre in the outer city area of Darnell I explored ways to make an old leisure activity relevant to a modern day society. Contemporary adaptations of old plays have had great success amongst audiences, so I decided that this would be a good model to make theatre appealing to a new generation. The main concept behind the project was to merge old timeless forms and materials with modern contemporary ones to reflect the plays happening within.