Tobias Putnam

P1 The People’s Hatchery

For the first project of the year my brief was to design a chicken hatchery, complete with facilities for educating prospective chicken keepers and separate staff areas. The building needed to house up to forty chickens, providing spaces suitable for laying, hatching and rearing up until the point of lay. Situated in the well maintained Millhouses Park, Sheffield, the hatchery would serve the local community and encourage residents and visitors to keep their own chickens. Through the creation of a walkable green roof over the entirety of the building, the path through the park remains uninterrupted while also providing passers by a view into the closed off outdoor rearing pens behind the hatchery, enticing them to visit. The design aims to incorporate a variety of spaces which are optimal for raising healthy and happy chickens and for teaching people about chicken keeping.

P2 The Puppetry Theatre

This project required me to design a theatre appropriate for rejuvinating and reuniting the culturally divided community of Darnall, Sheffield. I proposed a puppetry theatre, where people would learn to build, use and perform with small to medium sized wooden puppets. I aimed to break down divisions between demographics by levelling the experience, with each performer being able to create their own characters through the use of puppets. By placing the workshop and bar area adjacently on the ground floor, visitors can see how and where the puppets are made before experiencing their use in the large upstairs performance space. Entering the theatre was also key, the implementation of a three storey concrete lightwell and stairway created an area for the display of large puppets and stands as a beacon to separate the building from its terraced neighbours.


P3 Heeley Homeless Housing

For the final project of the year I was required to design a housing scheme in Heeley, Sheffield. Site analysis showed the need for social housing, particularly to serve the homeless demographic of the area. I developed a scheme based around self-sufficiency and rehabilitation, where a community would be created that also had outreach to the wider area of Heeley and Sheffield itself. The design is based around a shared green space containing beds for vegetable cultivation, managed by the residents. The produce grown would be eaten by the residents and any excess used in the on-site cafe, a place where residents can gain valuable work experience as part of their rehabilitation. The scheme also creates a new bike repair shop to serve Heeley, overseen by a mechanic with residents also having the opportunity there to work in a more practical way. Three housing typologies make up the complex: 1 bedroom, 3 bedroom and work/live; each of these serving a different purpose. The 1 bedroom apartments would be used by new residents, then progressing into a shared 3 bedroom house to be part of a smaller individual groups within the new community.