Tobias Mackrill


The “Perform” brief involved designing a small community theatre to be situated within a suburb of Sheffield. The theatre had to be designed specifically for a certain type of performance – in my case acoustic music. Drawing on my own personal experience of performing, I defined this genre of music as being stripped back to its rawest form, requiring a certain focus and intimacy with the performer. The interior/exterior adaptable performance space has been influenced by the music of guitarists Eric Roache and Andy McKee – particularly Eric Roache’s acoustic arrangement of “She drives me crazy” in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere within this performance by architectural means.





THRESHOLDS – Caving Facility

In the “Thresholds” project brief, architecture students were split into groups and asked to design a scheme to facilitate a particular activity – mine being caving. The caving facility was supposed to be relatively simple with an emphasis on a specific threshold condition, which we could choose. The “Giant’s Hole”, a cave situated on the northern side of a valley just outside Castleton, was the allocated site. A fence, dry-stone wall and river run down the centre of this valley creating a strong divide between the two slopes. My scheme is situated directly opposite the cave on the other side of the valley, with the dry-stone wall creating a divide between safety and the unknown, and between the solid and the void. The building itself contains changing and storage facilities, toilets and a social space, complete with a kitchenette and lounge area.