Tobi Phillimore

P1 – Walker’s Shelter

Joint project with Stuart Lanigan


Situated at the base of Mam Tor just outside of Castleton, we have designed a walking shelter that reflects its rural context through its materials and design. Constructed from rammed earth and mirroring the sites exposed cliff face, our building takes inspiration from its environment while providing spaces for the removal of hiking equipment, rejuvenation in a cafe after a long days walk and relaxation from an observation point to admire the idyllic scenery.



P2 – Human Library


The Northern Quarter is a culturally rich and diverse district of Manchester with a wide range of people converging in the area. Each of these people are themselves ‘human books’, each full of stories, experiences and knowledge that can be shared as a verbal resource. I have designed a ‘Human Library’ which aims to provide spaces for human books and the general public to converse. These conversations take place within individual pods, with these interactions stored in a digital archive of past conversations.



P3 – Segal Self-Build Housing


Based on the work of Walter Segal, I have designed a series of timber-frame homes which rest on a steep, under-developed site on the outskirts of Burngreave, Sheffield. My housing scheme aims to reduce architecture to its essentials in a way that lets ordinary people build and own their own home. Both the starter and family house types have been designed using a regular tartan grid and simple balloon frame that minimises wet trades, allowing the small community to collectively build their own and each others homes.