Tim Evans

Project I

The brief for this project called for the design of a centre for the practice and teaching of baking where goods could be made, sold, consumed, and every part of the process could be taught and learnt.
The setting for this project was the Rivelin Valley: a lush area with water in abundance, both in the form of the Rivelin itself, and an old millpond that is now popular with anglers. My response involved allowing my scheme to develop a close relationship with the river and other surrounding water.

Project II

This project required an inquest into the changing and changed role of libraries, and invited the reinterpretation of the idea of what a library does.
Given that I was designing for Sheffield’s Darnall area, which suffers from poor levels of cultural integration despite having great levels of diversity, I decided to develop an intervention that would encourage the intermingling of and sharing between the various cultures present. This took the form of a storytelling library.

Project III

During this project, I was asked to investigate housing need and develop an attitude towards what kind of provision would best suit the Heeley area for which I was designing.
The result was a development of houses designed to have low build cost but high spatial quality, and that could foster the growth of community. My proposal: 20 socially rented houses, with an additional 10 versatile studio flats underneath.