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Our project brief was to design a building that accommodated rest; a public shelter that was a place of restoration and re-invigoration. Somewhere to sit and plan your next journey amongst the depths of the Peak District. This temporary refuge is a welcome retreat for those trekking across the beautiful ridge-walkway. The building occupies a quiet room for reading and a place to sit and relax, separating you from the outer world; also a main social space which is flexible and can transform into a club room, a kitchen and dining room or even a small performance space. In addition, the refuge has 12 beds (6 bunk-beds) in the dorms along with private lockers to store away all your valuables. The dorms are raised up a level and are dug into the landscape creating that warm and cosy feel. On top of the building is the viewing room which is a flexible upstairs space, adaptable to the current weather; this space has a small table encouraging you to sit down and plan the rest of your journey while appreciating the beautiful views of the Peak District.





















The recent developments of the new public Library of Birmingham is a glance into the future and works on the idea of reinventing the 21st century library. The building was referred to by the architect Francine Houben as a “public palace” and often referred to as a “knowledge hub”. Our brief was to design a certain type of library focusing on a subject of interest and create an ambitious building that accommodated a particular source of knowledge. We were given a site in local town Darnall, located close to Sheffield and is in a state of disrepair. It was our job to pick Darnall up by introducing a new library which engages and brings the people of Darnall together. For my project I decided to focus on a digital library that serves as a resource library for the younger generations. I felt that a library that aided them in their education outside of school was needed; a space to encourage working privately or as part of a group. The library will be seen as a resource hub with plenty of materials and devices available which would not be on offer anywhere else. These include: printers, scanners, plotters, lecture rooms, graphic tablets and high quality computers. We were also expected to come up with an approach to how the building sits against the street edge and to design an urban facade. Furthermore it was important that we considered a front-of-house room that was a welcoming threshold to the library itself (for instance a cafe).

















The housing crisis isn’t about houses – it’s about people. This country is struggling to make affordable homes that families can even call their own. It is our job as architects to come up with a plan that works. For this project we were given the task to design a housing scheme in Heeley, a small town outside of Sheffield, to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. The group that I chose to accommodate were young people: young couples and even young families that need an inexpensive flat/house to live in temporarily and freely. The residents will be expected to form a strong community with the other residents and provide a working exhibition for the community gallery space. The exhibition space is right in the heart of the housing scheme and the flats will feel submerged right amongst the thick of it all. I wish to also collaborate with SUM Studios and reinstate the art background of Heeley. The exhibition scheme will involve working with local artists as well as digital animators, designers, marketing professionals and photographers to generate a showing of work to present to the schoolchildren in Anns Grove Primary School and the general public. My scheme involves 6 3-bedroom houses, 4 flats and the community exhibition space that is connected to the school. Each home will be made affordable and adaptable, with designated study rooms for residents that want to work from home and a large dining and living room for optimum living conditions. The houses are upside-down houses with the living space connected to a raised courtyard overhanging the churchyard space east to the site and also an open plan design connecting the kitchen to the living and dining room. I have also introduced a width-length roof skylight that will dissipate more light into this space, making it the main space of the house ideal for living standards. The skylight will also illuminate the length of the staircase. Two bedrooms are located downstairs, tucked away at the back of the house and the master bedroom is upstairs opposite the living space.








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