Theodosia Tsikkou

P1 – ‘Threshold/Caver’s Shelter

in collaboration with Elina Andreou

We were tasked to design a modern caver’s shelter, a place for them to use before and after their caving experience. We decided to place our house outside in the green rather than having it built inside the cave, as it would make them feel like more claustrophobic. Thus, the threshold of our house is the ground floor where the cavers first enter. It is a place which works like a laundry room for their equipment. Also on the ground floor there are no windows, but a touch of light comes from the stairs, which take you to the first floor. Lastly the open area of the kitchen and the living room has a fireplace so the area is kept warm constantly. 


P2 – ‘Library

We were tasked to design a Library in Manchester, specifically in Northern Quarter, that should have a relevance with the area. I created a library specified in “Jazz Music”. My main inspiration was that Manchester had a music era; a lot known and famous bands started from there. To be exact there are a lot of jazz venues and jazz bars in the Northern Quarter. I created a bookshop café for the ground floor and I tried to make it as welcoming as possible. The library has a public access up to the first floor and then it has a private access from the second floor and above. Lastly my façades were strongly inspired by the existing buildings and all have a certain rhythm and pattern.


P3 – ‘Housing in Burngreave

We were tasked to create a housing scheme at Burngreave in Sheffield. Firstly after the neighbourhood study, I figured out that there were a lot of families with children living there. After a research, I learned that the kids in Burngreave do not attend school and they are into crime. But they really like skateboarding. Thus I decided to go with a programme called “Skate and Create”. This programme aims to empower the youths, bring a sense of community in them and make their future more bright with the help of educational arts. My design is simple; for both of my units I created the same threshold, the entrance is a common area and had either a glazed wall and or a skylight. Lastly, I placed the common house in the corner of my site in order to attract the neighbours, and the common house consists of a skateboard shop and a classroom at the back for the kids to learn and create their own skateboards.