Theodoros Chailis


  “Others have seen what is and asked why.

                            I have seen what could be and asked why not.”  ― Pablo Picasso


“V Falconers Club”

Project Threshold 



Limb brook, Stream that rises near the village of Ringinglow.


Upon visiting the site an immediate association to Falconry occurred to me. Limb Brook is defined by its level changes, so as I walked to the highest point of the site, and looked down, the Hunting journey of the Falcon came to my mind. Usually before attacking its prey the bird rises up and dives in order to catch it, creating this slick downward movement which seemed very similar to the slope and its downward trend towards the valley. Also the fact that the vegetation at the spot was so thick, a building there could be associated with the falcons nesting habits, because the birds tend to build their nests high, in order to avoid any possible threats.

Design approach:

Heavily Inspired by Architectural theories of Miles Van De Raugh, Le Corbusier and Louis Sallivan, and falconry derived concepts, I tried to create, what was originally conceived as “an exclusive Falconers club”. While keeping the design as minimal as possible, I tried to create a building that would have its own personality but yet evoke a strong feeling of connection to the land, while lacking only the non-essentials. 



“REVEL/The theatre of Darnall”

Project Performance



Darnall, a suburb of eastern Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.


After analysing Darnall, it was clear to me that the neighbourhood wasn’t in need of a specific kind of theatre, but it was in need of a space where people could get away from their routine, and even spend their free time. Through my concept collages I generated the concept of setting the Question to Darnall of “What a theatre is?” through my Architecture. The concept is summarised in: creating a space of constant transition. Is a theatre for Darnall a place where a local troop would play? Or where the local school would perform? Or maybe even where people could just meet up?

Design approach:

For my design I decided to use the theme of Transition. The approaches to transition of my scheme were the following:

Existing / New: I had decided to use the existing post office next to the new building I was proposing as the café of the theatre. That on its own created a transition between old and new, as I was keeping the post office on its original form.

Architectural rhythms: The use the existing post office also created a transition between the Post offices Art nouveau style and the Minimal of the new theatre.

Interior/Exterior: The two separate buildings are unified by a small courtyard that is intended to be used as an open space when the theatre is not in operation. That creates a transition between inside and outside.