Jameille Cyra Aguilar Labis



The Bicycle Project focused on creating a space for bicycle fanatics and enthusiasts. We explored the parts of the bicycle and found how this could influence our design. It was crucial that the building was simple and served it’s function. We wanted to create a space that would somehow enhance the cyclists experience and perhaps even inspire the activity itself.

The site was located on Club Mill Hill, near River Don, towards Hillsborough. Surrounded by the steep hills and trees, we wanted our building to subtly sit in the landscape, rather than stand out. We chose to elongate the design ontop of one floor into a lip of the road. It was crucial to us that it was an immersive experience where you could share, fix and enhance your bicycle. We separated the spaces into a work space, cafe and shop, making sure that they were interlocking to maintain a busy and vibrant energy.


A place to escape to in the city, that could inspire, boost and help with the regeneration of The Northern Quarter. The site is located in a threshold between work and commercial zones of leisure and residential. The design for a Cirque Du Soleil inspired circus would attract people from all around the UK to experience more of this unique area of Manchester.

In this theatre, the performance is brought to you. The dynamics are exaggerated and performer to audience interaction is increased. There is more to theatre than to watch a show on one vertical plane.

So, what if the stage moved?


To design a Co-Housing scheme where residents would be resposible for the running of the program and gain a sense of ownership was the main design objective for this project.

The scheme is designed to be accessed by all users with ramps and one core lift to connect all levels. Level access on all floors allows for the disabled and elderly users to not feel like there is a barrier to what they can gain and experience in the scheme. Some routes are not accessible for disabled residents but alternative routes are designed. One main public route is the staircase that meanders through the site with a viewing platform at the top level. This cannot be experience equally with a disabled resident but a core glass lift in the center allows for full view of the scheme and routes through bridges provides an experience just as exciting.

The allotment spaces are divided into clear Public and Private zones, with the public allotments connecting to the main route through the site. Private gardens and gardening tools are shared between the residents and all growing spaces are orientated to be centralized in the schemem forming visual and physical connections between them. Fruits, vegetable and herbs are grown in the scheme, complimented by a gardening covenience shop and cafe that offers a wide range of healthy foods cooked by residents from products of the site. Through making the scheme fully exposed and permeable it also increaes social interaction, safety and the trust between residents and the public.