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Tay Xiao Chun

Tay Xiao Chun

Year 2 Works


P1:Grow, The purpose is to design a building that would fit well with the landscape. The project ended up with a relating to the surrounding concept, a wavy building for a wave like hill landscape, resulting in the roof design as such.

P2: Theatre

P2:Theatre, a theme that was interesting to work with, with the area that was assigned having a good amount of history to relate to, the project took a turn for that direction, to serves as a connections, a link, for which to bring someone into the past and experience it.


P3: Housing, a Project that allows us to choose who it is made for. The Direction of mine went with dealing with the elderly, inspired by personal experiences on the matter. It ended with a major focus towards the accessible housing and interaction factor since to be aware of your failing is despair-inducing, to be isolated due to it is soul crushing. it is expected to be a more common problem in the near future in the developed world.