Sung Kang

Architecture BA (Year 2)




     Photo Point                                   Theatre³                                44 Sorby Street
                                               Off-the-grid photography workshop                                      Experimental music theatre                                               Productive social housing

P1. Photo Point

Defining thresholds in natural environment

Located in Surprise View, Peak Districk National Park, Photo Point is an off-the-grid photography workshop open to the public.
Here, the specific rock formation inspired the two seperate stuctures connected by a bridge
to encourage visitors to move through the nature and minimize the impact on the foot flow patterns that was already present.

The gallery was placed towards the end of rocks as a main focas of attraction to people passing by,
almost inviting them to come visit the gallery.
In contrast, the more intimate tea area point and workshop area is shielded by the rocks,
but still able to access the great view towards the south. Some windows are facing rocks form a kind of
rock painting captured by the window dimensions.

The stairscase is covered by thin black walls as visitors rise through the stairs but once they reach the top of the stairs,
where the workshop is located, they are finally greeted by the very specific scenic panoramic views capured across the top floor.














P2. Theatre³

Experimental design that enhances new experiences

Theatre ‘Cubed’ is located in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.
As well as its well-known musical legacy, the Northern Quarter is one of the fastest changing areas in Manchester.
The theatre will organize the genre spinning musical events to generate new talent and promote the experimental spirit of the site.

Mainly filled with bars and restaurants, I found the site itself has a potential for more human activities during night times.
Therefore, the auditorium was designed to be permeable so that light and sound from the theatre can bleed out into the street.
The cafe area is where the visiters first face when they come into the building and it is where the music from the auditorium
is indirectly and gently introduced to both casual listeners and serious fans.

Architecture can be encouraged to be brought into conversation and discussion by anyone
apart from a specific group of esperts. To acheive such an effect, the void pattern on the auditorium facade follows
its exact structural elements such as the line of bottom of the second floor seatings.
The audiences will only find this out when they enter the auditorium to observe the event.
Theatre ‘Cubed’ will be a place that arouse bold and new discussion between artists and audiences.














P3. 44 Sorby Street

Changing an industrialized area into a livable and lively space

44 Sorby Street is a social housing scheme located in Burngreave, Sheffield.
Burngreave is where post-industrialization hit badly, when its dominant steel industry declined.
The housing scheme is aimed at restoring powers to the locals as they are producing goods for themselves.
Therefore each housing unit has one external space that can be converted into the residents’ own workshops
and mostly facing the courtyard which is the public place with various activies.

On the ground floor, residential area and public area intersect, while all public spaces – flexible offices, museum of Burngreave
and the community kitchen – have glazed facades for stronger visual connections to the courtyard and the street.

To drive local independence, community was one of the core considerations of design. To strengthen the connection
among the houses, the external corridor on the first floor connects all houses and this is highlighted by perforated corten steel railings.
The materials from the construction is going to be supplied locally and recycled by residents.