Subrena Chhatwal

P1: Thresholds

Inspired by the flexibility of rope and the way it forms a lifeline for those in a cave, our building developed a form of a ‘figure 8 knot’, one of the most supportive there are. We felt this was poetic to the brief of a cavers’ retreat. Set in the mouth of peak cavern the retreat is orientated and bent to give optimum views in and out of the cave. The gradual change reintroduces the cavers to daylight after their expeditions.


Home to one of the most renowned comedy clubs in the UK, Manchester plays host to some of the largest names in its field, this leaves a gap in the market for those looking to develop their comical skills. ‘The leap’ fills this void by providing space for a range of activities and client groups. ‘The Leap’ serves as the amateur stage to ‘The Frog and Bucket’ situated further down Great Ancoats Street. The building its self blends into the industrial landscape but presents its self to the street via a public water feature which helps slow down the pace of the busy road.  

P3: Housing

Burngreave, an incredibly multicultural area of Sheffield is the perfect place to celebrate diversity and welcome those from a different background. My scheme focused on rehoming refugees whilst giving them the tools to fully integrate into the English society. This theme forced a focus on education both within each dwelling and within the wider community by the addition of a shared library. The intense natural presence and steep topography were both featured through my material choices and design moves.