Stuart Lanigan

This is a curated collection of my Year 2 design studio work at Sheffield School of Architecture. I have been improving my skills in hand drawing, computer aided design and model making throughout the year, through three main projects shown below which are a walking shelter, theatre and housing scheme.

P1 Threshold: Walking Shelter

Joint project with Tobi Phillimore

The first project was designing a walking shelter located at Windy Knoll, 1.7 miles West of Castleton in the Peak District. The site itself featured the remains of a quarry which was where the walking shelter would be placed. The main idea was trying to create a place for walkers to come after a long day of walking, giving shelter from the elements while also allowing an appreciation of the surrounding. The building itself was designed to have two walk ways through linking in an atrium at the far end. A few of the key features was making the walls from rammed earth which kept the users close to their surroundings. Another was one façade which was replicating the cliff opposite. This had a window which was designed to represent the cave located on the site. The building was trying to reimagine aspects of the site and the surrounding area.

Interior Perspective

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P2 Theatre: Ventriloquist theatre

P2 was designing a theatre in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. My site was on the corner of Thomas Street and High Street and featured two spruce trees. I decided to specifically focus my theatre for ventriloquism, while incorporating three themes of nature, mechanics and illusion. In the initial stages of design, I wanted to keep one of the trees and make it a key entrance detail. This was because of the few green zones located around the site, but also as it was a focal point encouraging people to visit.
Inside, I had a capacity of 60 people in the auditorium, a bar, workshop, green room and smoking area. The idea was that school children would be able to make their own puppets in the workshop, to use for ventriloquism in either their school or the green room. I tried to bring in aspects of nature as almost a refuge in a busy city. On the top floor, there is a smoking area with rotating metal leaves acting as a screen from below, leaving the ground floor entrance free from smoke.

Streetscape Perspective

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P3 Housing: Lifetime and Veteran Homes

The final project was a housing project, my site was site B which was a brown field site on Grimesthorpe Road, Burngreave, Sheffield. When designing these houses, I was focusing on two user groups: Lifetime homes, and veteran homes.
Lifetime homes were homes that would be accessible by all from birth to death. This meant they would need to be flexible and accessible as well as addressing 16 design criteria.

Veteran homes were like lifetime homes except they were for returning veterans who had lost a limb or limbs and did not need to meet all 16 design criteria.

Due to the nature of the site and surrounding location, I wanted to continue a green corridor through the site. I split the site into zones of public and private use to allow for rehabilitation to take place for veterans away from the public while allowing some equipment to be accessible for the public and creating a pleasant full access route through the site.

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