Stephanie Porfyriou

P1 : The task of this project was to create an apiary and chose a location in the park of Sheffield’s general cemetery to site the building. The main aspect was to develop an appropriate architectural language and material approach that would correspond with the surrounding environment of the site. The initial stage of the project involved exploring beehives and notions of ‘bee spaces’. Considering the needs of not only the beekeeper but also the bees was a vital element in the design process. About the building itself depth is created by the recessed entrance door along with irregular shape of the building. The principal exterior materials used are timber shingles and charred timber is used for window cladding. The materials are chosen to correspond with the surroundings and embed into the landscape of the site. White concrete is used as the main interior material.

P2:  In this project we were asked to design a theater for a small community. The site is located in Sharrow, an area enclosed by two main, busy roads due to the many shops and restaurants. The site is also visible from different locations in the area and this can be beneficial for the design of the theater. The theater includes a workshop, a performance space, dressing rooms, a box office and a cafeteria. The design is a concrete building that consists of four floors with the cafeteria located on top floor and the theater on the underground floor. The cafeteria is glazed in glass panels on both sides and a steel greed system of blue and grey color is applied to the facade of the building. The cafeteria functions as the ‘threshold’ between the people of the community and the theater. This illustrates the main idea of my design project which is the interaction of the people with the building and its surroundings from both inside and outside the theater.

P3: Throughout the precedent study a critical analysis of the architecture incorporated in housing projects is developed. The task of this project was to design a housing scheme developing an architectural understanding of inhabited spaces, materiality and site considerations. The project consists of six dwellings with the first one being slightly different in order to introduce the housing development and to provide a welcoming atmosphere. The project involves social housing with dwellings for families with three or four children.  A concrete pavement is used to separate common and private spaces.