Stephanie Ma



A  C a v e r ‘s  L o o k o u t 

[joint project with Ginny Siu]

“I gulped, then stepped over the threshold into the house where I’d live as a boy. After eighteen long years of wandering, I have come home.”
– Darren Shan

Our site is located in the Peak Cavern, one of four show caves,
in a small village of Castleton. We were tasked to design a small
building near the cave which would allow cavers to have a space
where they could prepare before and rest after a days journey.

S t u d e n t  A r t s  L i b r a r y

[art library for the students of Manchester Creative Studios]

“The tricky thing about mazes is that you don’t know if you’ve chosen the right path until the very end. If it
turns out you were wrong, it’s usually too late to go back and start again. That’s the problem with mazes.”
– Haruki Murakami

Situated in the quiet neighborhood of Ancoats,
we were tasked to design a library. I started my
design process by reading the short story, “The
Strange Library,” by Haruki Murakami. Though
the story had very little to do with a library, I based
my design on how the author had created a small
world of mazes within the story to create a fun
and flexible environment for young students
of a nearby art school.

T h e r a p e u t i c  H o u s i n g

[housing for the depressed]

“A transparent institution (not only in the physical sense), transmits a different image to the outside than a
sealed off building. We think that there are only advantages to be found if the structure offers activities and
services open both to the public and to the patients.”
– Harry Gugger

Burngreave is a northern city-region of Sheffield which is
predominantly an industrial area with housing surrounding
the area. Our task was to design a housing project within
the area of Burngreave. As the given-site was quiet, with
plenty of views and greenery around to offer, I created a
housing project that would help those suffering from
depression to transition them back into the community.