Sophia Hutchinson

P1 Cycle Hub

This project was designed in a pair with Jessica Meech.

People cycle for many reasons, as a means of transport, exercise, and for pure enjoyment. The location of this hub exploits the transport aspect of cycling with links to trams, trains and buses. We also wanted to design this hub as a place of meeting, including a café and an external bench formed by the envelope of the building for travellers to wait under. Also as a place of convenience for commuters who can get their bikes repaired in the hub while they are at work.


P2 Theatre

The brief for this project was to design a small community performance space that simultaneously responded to its context and to its function. The site allocated was on the edge of Manchester’s Northern Quarter surrounded by a mix of industrial and old, empty buildings. Originally, before seeing the site I had thought about designing a youth theatre but after visiting the area and finding used needles and lots of litter next to the site I changed my brief to a community performance , rehearsal and recording space for members of the nearby area as a way to encourage local musicians to perform and practice rather than get involved with antisocial behaviour. There is also a bar downstairs to invite passers by in and to kickstart the redevelopment of this area.



P3 Housing

The brief for this project was to create a housing scheme for a particular social group and families in Burngreave, Sheffield. After researching about the area I saw it was evidently a very multicultural place having had a noticeable influx of immigrants in the past few decades. Sheffield as a city has proclaimed itself as the ‘City of Sanctuary’ welcoming refugees. On top of this I decided to design a housing scheme for refugees who are being resettled to Burngreave. The largest barrier for many immigrants settling into the area is not being confident in the language. This harms the ability to integrate with locals. Consequently, my community facility is a language centre with a cafe for people to wait in before and after lessons and meet with their new friends in a relaxed environment.

The scheme consists of a mix of 3 bed terraced houses, and 1 and 2 bed temporary apartments for those living in Burngreave as a stepping stone. The language centre and cafe could also provide jobs for the residents. The language centre and apartment block with the street of terraced houses at the top of the street come together to form a middle-eastern inspired courtyard to bring a sense of familiarity to the residents as many will have come from that part of the world.


A few sketches from throughout the year.